Built to support broad enterprise data sharing environments

Securely share your confidential documents with multiple investors or projects under one platform
Manage multi entity & jurisdiction audits and controlled distribution to seamlessly complete audit process.
Collaborate with board members and observers efficiently for any statutory meetings while maintaining proprietary folders for limited users.
Securely store and share your confidential documents. Avoid unwanted files being accessed with dual locking system.
Manage Account recs for multi entity & jurisdictions on a regular basis. Retrieve documentation info anytime and anywhere in a standardized format.
The platform can be used for deposition, controlled court room distribution, and views.
With a flexible folder management and dedicated unique data rooms, choose the platform for storing agreements and metrics reporting.
Easily store and share with multi stake holders to access in one place anytime, anywhere.
Store all your intellectual property and trade-mark data and securely share with stakeholders.
The platform supports all format edits for collaboration with service providers. Get notified for updates automatically
With no software to install, suppliers can easily access store and share information anytime in a unique folder anywhere, everywhere.
Maintain all service providers compliance reporting in one place and get notified automatically for updates.
Maintain portfolio investment companies confidential documents in one platform and get notified on real time basis for updates. Collaborate through encrypted messaging system.
With no software to install, service providers can easily access the browser to store the audit findings in all formats including videos/photos.
The platform supports controlled sharing and visitor user access notifications to support documentation for statutory purposes.