Virtual Data Room

PactCentral Virtual Data Room is a simple and secure due diligence cloud platform for deal management – M&A, LBO’s, IPO’s, Fund raising, Bankruptcies & Virtual Audits.
Priced at $199 per data room (no contracts)

Pactcental Features

    • Customizable branding Logo
    • Update once, update everywhere (All data rooms)
    • Maintain distinct data room for every investor
    • Predefined folders by functions (Easy navigation and tracking) optional
    • Create folders and sub-folders structure with pre-set numbering for easy tracking
    • Restricted folders for confidential data (ability for limited access)
    • Easy drag and drop upload
    • Customizable Permissions
    • Restrict user Actions for folders & documents
    • Revoke user access
    • Document Watermarking
    • Redact by Selection
    • Redact by Text at a File level
    • File Search (Redacted info Undetectable)
    • Advanced Search (Data room level / multi-files)
    • E-sign
    • In-app email (Secured & encrypted with e-sign option)
    • Control download / print access for Visitors
    • Highlight texts or words or images
    • Document Tracking
    • Location access notifications
    • New document notifications
    • Real time read notifications
    • Aggregate and individual visit dashboard
    • Report by Data room (s)
    • Folder User reports by date/time
    • Download history of documents
    • Audit Log Report
    • Permanent 256 bit or higher encryption for maximum website security
    • Stable, fast and redundant Microsoft Azure based cloud architecture (HIPAA compliant)