A Virtual data room built Sleek for maximum productivity & efficiency

PC is powered by experienced senior level corporate M&A, Finance and IT executives who have the in-depth working knowledge of M&A, Fund raising, LBO covenants, bankruptcies and IPO management right from turning around the businesses to position for value creation, making cold calls to potential buyers/investors, guiding valuations, facilitating the due diligence processes with various service providers, supporting quality of earnings report and navigating the closing documentation processes including reps and warranties.

Virtual Data Room

  • PactCentral provides a secured and simple to navigate data room for sharing confidential documents for M&A and Fund raising.
  • PactCentral adopts latest Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence and Block Chain concepts from diligence preparatory stage to e-signing the closing documents such as SPAs, NDAs etc.
  • PactCentral hosts its database in Microsoft Azure for seamless connectivity across the regions with maximum security compliant to HIPAA standards.

Our Features

  • Customizable branding Logo
  • Highlight texts or words or images
  • Update once, update everywhere (All data rooms)
  • Document Tracking
  • Maintain distinct data room for every investor
  • Location access notifications